Center for Cognitive Computing

Summer Research Internship Program 2019

SRIP 2019 application portal is now open. The deadline to submit an application is March 15, 2019.

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About Us

Welcome to the Center for Cognitive Computing.

Vision & Goals

The vision of the Center for Cognitive Computing is to promote learning and research in the field of Cognitive Computing. The research community should be able to exchange ideas and become accustomed to the field through formal interactions with experts of the domain. 

The Center Goal is to provide a platform to the students, faculty, and researchers to work together and initiate teaching and research activities in the area to unveil various concepts and tools.

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About the Center

The center is involved in research, teaching and imparting training through seminars, workshops, summer/winter short term courses and semester long term courses in the field of Cognitive Computing including but not limited to Computer Vision, Language and Image Processing, Signal Processing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Biometrics, and Bioinformatics.

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Focus Areas

The Center for Cognitive Computing focus its research in the following areas.

  • Pattern Understanding and Machine Intelligence
  • Computer Based Vision, Speech, Olfactory & Tactile Signal Analysis
  • Language Understanding and Semantics
  • Mind Reading and Brain Computer Interaction
  • Mathematical Modeling of Brain and Brain Like Systems
  • Neurocomputing and Cognitive Biological Systems
  • Cognitive Architectures, Intelligent Agents and Knowledge Based Systems
  • Social Cognition and Social Networks
  • Big Data Analytics, IoT, and Cyber-physical Systems
  • Path Planning and Autonomic Systems


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