My name is Iuliia, I am a student at the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. I participated in the International Research Internship Program at Allahabad for 1,5 month. There I was working on the project on exploring the epigenetic effect of 5-methylcytosine on normal and cancerous pancreatic cell lines using MeDIP-Seq in the Laboratory of Systems Biology. The project was exciting and later I presented results on the Bioinformatics Summer School Conference.
I enjoyed working with Imlimaong Aier under supervision of Dr. Pritish Varadwaj. I am grateful for the time, attention and patience Imlimaong paid for teaching me and helping with the project.
I liked the attitude and hearty welcome. We had a chance to explore Indian culture, visit sights, museum, and temples. It was a new and unique experience for me. The campus was comfortable, I liked the gym and rooms we stayed in.
I am convinced that this internship could be helpful for a lot of students and would recommend participating.