Hi! My name is Mariia, I am a second-year MSc student of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology. On February 2019 I and my friend were kindly invited for the internship in IIIT Allahabad by Pr. Pritish and Pr. U.S. Tiwary. Here I would like to describe my experience and share my impression about the internship. For easy reading, I divided my review into several blocks.



During my one-month internship, I was studying Image processing under the supervision of Pr. U.S. Tiwary. After coming to Allahabad, we discussed my research topic, and I chose to study Image Processing to apply that knowledge to my future work, which was related to the processing of mice lungs’ images. 

I got a lot of support from the Professor and his students. While having a flexible schedule, my work was monitored, and my questions didn’t stay unanswered. Currently, I can say, that the knowledge I got on the internship was very useful for me, and I am very thankful to all SILP lab for their help. 

Additional curriculum

While for my project I used Matlab, Professor also organized a Python class for me and my friend. Also, we could access all the classes and seminars, studied in IIITA, together with a big campus library. 

Living and accommodation

I and my friend were living in the guesthouse on the campus; our rooms were very nice and comfortable. Room cleaning and laundry service were provided by the request. We were provided with 3 times a day food in a campus canteen, which was fresh and delicious. The campus area was very green and beautiful and it had several food and cosmetics’ stores.

Health and sports

There were English speaking doctors and hospital facility. While having food poison I got really good care until I got better. There are also a lot of sports facilities inside the campus: sports ground, gym, swimming pool etc. I enjoyed playing volley with a local team.

Language issue

We experienced no communication problem, as a lot of people in campus knew English, and if we needed help with a translation to Hindi, we could get the help easily.

IIITA community

Additionally, I would like to notice that all the people around were very friendly and helping. I got a lot of fun by chatting with students and visiting Allahabad surroundings. If you need help you should just ask for it.   Whether professors, or students, or staff, everyone was very polite and nice to talk. I got a great feeling of being welcomed.


In conclusion, if there is a student, reading this review, and thinking about having an internship in IIITA, I would like to encourage him or her to go for it. It was a very wonderful experience for me, and I am sure, it will remain this way for future students.